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Get A Perfect Body With Just 10 Minutes A Day...

Do you want a body like Madonna or a Man Utd footballer? They use vibration machines, the latest, greatest exercise machine. Normally found in exclusive high end gyms from New York to London, We are offering the latest Flab-Away vibration machine at a crazy price, we challenge you to find the same model for less.

Vibration machines offer a huge range of benefits. Scientific studies have shown that people who use a vibration machine in conjunction with diet and exercise lose more weight, shed more harmful "belly fat" and keep more weight off than people who just use normal diet and exercise alone.

Just 10 minutes on the Flab-Away Vibro Plate will give you the same workout as an hour of normal exercise...dare to bare on the beach, and grab this Flab-Away machine now - we can't offer it at this price forever!

We are selling the top of the range, 2000KW Flab-Away machine - this is the best Flab-Away machine you can buy and we're offering it at an irresistible price.

Our machine is sturdy and easy to assemble, and comes supplied with full instructions showing suggested exercises for use with the Flab-Away to help you gain the perfect summer body.

Benefits For You:

  • Lose weight.
  • Tone and reshape your body.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Develop great body muscle tone.
  • Stimulate bone and muscle development.
  • Reduce back and joint pain.
  • Improve metabolism.
  • Reduce cellulite.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Eliminate muscle aches and strains.
  • Get the toned, perfect body you want without spending hours at the gym.

Simply Flab-Away Exercises For Your Best Body Ever:

The Flab-Away machine can be used for a wide range of exercises that allow you to train many different muscle groups; it is far superior to machines that only allow the user to stand still! The Flab-Away will let you train your back, hips, calves, thighs, waist, shoulders, stomach, chest and upper and lower arms.

Why Choose Our Flab-Away Machine?

We believe our Flab-Away machine is the best machine available, offering more value for money than other, more expensive machines available on the market.  Don't be fooled by cheaper, lower specification Flab-Away machines - we are offering the top of the range 2000KW model! not a 200KW in disguise!!!!!!

But don't take our word for it. Compare the features of our Flab-Away machine with other machines:

Our Flab-Away Machine:     Other Machines:
  • New, High Speed Vibration.
  • Body Fat Sensors.
  • Range Of 70 Speed Options.
  • Quiet In Use.
  • Portable Due To Wheels In Base.
  • Traditional Vibration.
  • No Body Fat Sensors.
  • Range Of 3 Speed Options.
  • Very Noisy In Use.
  • Heavy And Difficult To Move.

The Flab-Away Has Many Unique Features:

  • Strong, ergonomic construction with a fashionable streamline design.
  • An extra large console with LED displays showing time, speed and body fat value measurements.
  • 3 built-in workout programs and body fat scanning.
  • A wide range of speeds allowing for workouts suitable for unfit, fit and very fit users.
  • Sleek, good looking stainless steel construction.
  • Safety features include overload current protection, anti-jamming and anti-static features.

Technical Specifications:

  • Suitable for people up to 18 stone / 120kg in weight.
  • 1220mm high, 695mm wide, 735mm long when assembled.
  • 70 different speeds.
  • Top of the range 2000KW model.
  • Works from normal household electric plug socket.
  • Weighs 49kg when assembled.


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