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What Is Infrared And How Does It Work...?

Infrared (IR) waves are part of the invisible Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM) and are measured in microns. Infrared is often subdivided into "near IR" (0.076 to 1.5 microns), "mid IR" (1.5 to 5.6 microns), and "far IR" (5.6 to 1000microns).

Human bodies send and receive far infrared waves. The range of these electromagnetic waves is 6 to 20 microns. The optimal micron output range is between 7 to 14 microns. This range, sometimes called the "Vital Range" appears to have special regenerative effects on our bodies.

When far infrared rays are absorbed by living things (e.g., people in an IR sauna), the temperature of the body rises but not the surrounding air. Thus you perspire and feel hot from the absorption of the infrared rays, but the surrounding air remains at relatively low temperatures (46 to 57 degrees centigrade).

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